Chapter 2: General Awareness of Blending and Creating New Pipe Tobacco

The goal of blending tobacco is not simply to achieve a new product, but to fix the defects of old tobaccos and to achieve what the market needs now. At the same time, variety of products with less cost and giving more choice to customers can be one of the other goals. So, what is very important is the acceptability of the final product by customers.

курительная трубка
Blended tobacco in jar

How to Design Pipe Tobacco?

There are two important points in designing pipe tobacco:

  • First, complete identification and understanding of the tobacco that we have now.
  • Second, awareness of what we need to achieve.

Both steps are of great importance. If you do not have a complete understanding of the tobacco that you have now, it is like driving a car without knowing where the steering wheel is.

Definitely smoke the tobacco over and over again with several pipes, take notes, and write down your understanding of it. Measure the ambient smell, it may be necessary to go back to the room a few hours later and measure the ambient fragrance.

You can also get help from others. You don’t need to provide them with a lot of information to participate in the creation of a new product, just need to tell them your understanding of the present. Let them use tobacco or remind you of the ambient fragrance.

The second point is actually the destination. If you know what you are going to achieve, it is easier to create it. You don’t need to combine tobaccos randomly. Your work should have a rhythm, after each combination, take notes and write the amounts accurately.

smoking pipe
Smoke by different cleaned pipes

When will the result be known?

Let me clarify this point before we get into more practical discussions about blending pipe tobaccos that time is one of the fundamental parameters in blending tobacco.

Tobacco that has recently been combined cannot be used as a benchmark. In my opinion, tobacco needs at least 10 days to rest to show the initial results.

Personally, I have made tobaccos that I had little hope of at the time of preparation, but after 10 days, the result has been amazing. This may seem like a long-term process, but it will elevate you in two ways. First, it will increase your understanding of the current tobacco and you may have big results with small changes, and second, with understanding the present time and the future, your expertise will gradually grow.

Identification of tobacco leaves and the processes they have gone through before:

If the tobacco that you are currently blending is produced in your workshop or factory, then you have the data and statistics at your disposal, and this will be a great help. But if you have not produced the tobacco in question, first you need to have the initial explanations of the manufacturer, no matter how little it is, it will still help us, and then we must also have the knowledge of identifying different tobacco leaves.

In previous articles, we have mentioned brief explanations about the types of tobacco used in the pipe industry, and it is enough to study it. Read…

The important point is that your work should have a style, write the process for yourself that you are going to do and write the results in a notebook at each stage so that you can always access it. I personally prefer writing in a notebook to writing on a computer because it is faster to access and stays in mind more.

In the next article, we will discuss more practical methods for blending tobacco, but remember that the stages that I have mentioned in this article and the previous article are very important and I have told you the result of twenty years of experience in retail and production.

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