How Scandinavian Tobacco Group Produce Pipe Tobacco

Scandinavian Tobacco Group is a manufacturer of cigars and traditional pipe tobacco.[citation needed] The city company is headquartered in CopenhagenDenmark, and is a publicly listed Company on Nasdaq Copenhagen.

In 2011, Scandinavian Tobacco Group acquired Lane Limited, a US-based manufacturer and brand owner of pipe-tobacco, fine-cut tobacco and machine-made cigars, from Reynolds American Inc. Through the acquisition of Lane, the company gained ownership of Captain Black (pipe tobacco and cigar), Bugler (fine-cut tobacco), Winchester (cigars) and other smaller brands.


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  1. I am Sándor from Hungary. My question is, if I order pipe tobacco online, will I receive it? Why do they send it to Hungary? Please answer. Thank you, Sándor

    • This is related to the customs regulations of the destination country regarding the entry of goods in person. Some countries allow personal importation of tobacco and some do not. Unfortunately, I have no information about your country

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